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October 9, 2013
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A Romantic Bath by PrinceJakiel A Romantic Bath by PrinceJakiel
Jakiel had prepared Maria a romantic bath since she been so stress taking care of Their children and certain kingdom duties. So after all the kids were sent to bed they lounged in the master bathroom and enjoyed a candle light bath with wine and surrounded in bubbles and rose petals. Its been a while since ive drawn the two in a romantic setting so last night i came up with a idea the became a doodle that became this. This couple so so sweet. Jakiel enjoys spoiling his wife with any and everything. He enjoys so see her happy and hearing that cute laugh well we can see now why he tickling her feet. Thats one way to set the mood.

I worked really hard on this it took aprox. 6 hrs. I would like some input on this so plz no "nice" or "cute" i really wanna know. And when u critique and u judge compared to my art and skill level and not to other artist QuQ.

O.Mariabella (c) :iconwantsmorelove:

O.Jakiel (c) :iconprincejakiel:
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well, at first I only looked at their hair ^^; I like hair... then I looked at all the little lights you have shinning, like above the candles how they shine on the tiles, (the tiles are very well done) and the glasses, quite wonderful,
and the shading on the skin is fairly well done. one of you best I might say... they're faces look "nice" and I think its really an all around Good picture NO its a very good Piece of art ^^; much better that is. really like how the water looks, and the all around feel of the picture~
very well done id say.
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darknessangel1 Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow awesome love the glow off the tiles and it all looks very realistic and you can tell your time and hard work goes into this piece once again a very nice piece of art
utterly adorable!
Wow, that just looks incredible!! I love every little detail of this!! 
Thank you i figured i might as well try right XD

wow that's gorgeous! :iconiloveitplz:

amazing job

he colors used is this are just so lovely, they complement each other perfectly. I don't know why but I feels as if the tiles in the background are made of chocolate UuU, the bath water is perfect and I like it's realistic meaning to can see their outlines under the water. the fire and candles at the front are sweet and I love the light glowing effect they have and on the water. The bubbles are nice but look a little bit like clouds, I think it would be a good Idea to practice drawing foamed bubbles by looking at ones in reality and sitting down to draw them (hope I don't offend you) but for this style and picture they do fit in. As per usual from what I seen your oc's continue to look good along with how you draw there figures UuU I hope one day I can draw as good as you. there is no surprise in how long it took you because over all this drawing is just well defiantly one of you best so far...
That u so much im thankful everyone is liking the effort i placed into this compared to my usual. I hope to do much detailed work like this very soon. And each time i will learn and improve.
UuU well good luck and can't wait to see how it all will look)
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