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February 24, 2013
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EMERGENCY! (MUST READ AN COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!) by PrinceJakiel EMERGENCY! (MUST READ AN COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!) by PrinceJakiel
((we hate to say it but were starting to have doubts on whether a 4th child is good for this family. The debate is still going on in our RP but this is whats happening so far ))

{ Ryan and Theo had started up another one of there many agruements soon turning into a fist fight. They pushed and punched each other until eventually Theo pushed ryan to hard causig him to hit into the old grandfather clock. Maria was walking down the hall humming a sweet tune to baby Nattie who sleplt quietly in her womb. she rubbed her tummy and walked at a nice calm pace. Unaware of the giant clock that would soon crash infront her. The clock swayed back and forth until eventually BOOM! it crashed upon the floor cuasing the old wood to break and the fine glass to scatter upon the ground}

O.Maria: AH!!! *she squealed, flinching back suddenly as she dodged the clock* B-BOYS?! A-are you alright?! What happened?! *she frantically tried to calm her breathing, and move to them* What happened?! Wha-OW!!! *she froze, hunching over a bit, her hands quickly moving to her belly which was throbbing like mad by then* AH! O-ow!!!

Theo: MOTHER! *he rushed to her

Ryan: *He got off the floor and rushed to her aswell* Are you alright! Did it hurt you

Theo: Oh my glob were sorry QAQ

O.Jaky: *Heard the crash from his study.* What just happed?! *sees her hunched over and ran to her need placing his hand on her back* Maria are you ok

O.Maria: A-ahow! J-Jakiel!!! I-I-OW!!! *she had tears in her eyes as she struggled to stay up* J-JAKIEL HE'S COMING!!!!

O.Jaky: W-What *he said before noticing that her water had broken* Oh my glob this is bad you still have two MONTHS.

Boys: *there eyes had fear in them feeling horrible that one of there fight cause there mother to go into permature labor.*

O.Jaky: Ryan go call a doctor..Theo Help we get you mother to the bedroom!

O.Maria: J-Jakiel I-it hurts!!! AH!!! C-contractions!!!

O.Jaky: We can have you standing * rolls up his shirt and lifts her up like he did when they were having theo. He eventually make it to one of the guest rooms were he sets her down and laid her upon the bed*

Theo: Father im sorry we had no idea that the clock would have fell. I pushed Rya-

O.Jaky: ENOUGH *filled with angry and worry he stayed by his wifes side until the royal doctor came in in which all the men had to exit the birthing room* (thats how royals do it)

Part 2 [link]
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(( ooops never mind...I saw its Nattie.))
No she wasnt she gets her color from her grandma on Jaky's side ))
((I know I read too late that it was Nattie. Sorry for the confusion))
lol its ok ^u^ ))
((Thank you for understanding, your artwork is adorable. Especially for the gingerbread family))
WHY boys why!!!))
Oh no....
This is bad...
Ever if they do get the baby out, what is going to happen to poor Nattie...? *Go read part 2.*
ask-the-freak Feb 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
oh shi-:iconlegaspplz: ))
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